Thursday, July 7, 2011

Some Recent Articles About Books IX

Crossway's Digital Bible Resources - Numerous online Bible tools are provided (many for free).

The Clarity of God's Word - By Faith, PCA's online magazine, has a conversation with Kathleen Nielson about her new book, Bible Study: Following the Ways of the Word.

Youth Reads - Breakpoint has a new page focusing on Young Adult books. It's designed to help parents and educators find good books for preteens and teens to read as well as to provide a Christian perspective on Young Adult books.

Cherish the Book Publishers—You'll Miss Them When They're Gone by Eric Felten - "The e-book era promises us all the pleasure of wading through the slush pile ourselves, even as the pile grows exponentially."

Being a Historian and Reading Bonhoeffer by Michael A.G. Haykin - Is Eric Metaxas' biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer good history?

Scholar Defends New NIV Bible; Says Critics Have Been Unfair by Lillian Kwon - The updated NIV continues to receive many negative reviews.

House of Shelves by Gilbert Mohtes-Chan - Check out this ingenious piece of Japanese architecture that can hold ten tons of books!